Recruit the team you need, faster than ever before.

Put our global network of specialized, independent recruiters to work while you stay focused on the business at hand.

Fill roles faster and earn more

Recruiting made better.

Greater Speed

Hire as many expert recruiters as you need to quickly and efficiently hire the talent you’re looking for. 

More Flexibility

If a recruiter isn’t a good fit, you can easily switch gears and start working with a match better suited to you.

Quality Matches

We measure our recruiters by their
interview-to-hire rate, incentivizing high-quality over high-volume.

*The interview-to-hire ratio is the number of candidates a hiring manager needs to interview on average in order to make an offer.

Established Experts

Our recruiters are experts in their niche with a strong network of bench candidates — so you don’t have to start at square one.

Recruiting made to scale.

Independent recruiters

Access our marketplace of specialized recruiters to find the right ones for you.

In-house recruiters

Bring on a dedicated recruiter to help build your team from the ground up.

See what all the buzz is about.

“I was thrilled with my experience with Gloria and her team! They helped me throughout the process, not only finding excellent candidates but also giving me feedback on strategy and negotiation”

Lyndsey from Rosy Wellness

“Betterleap quickly matched us with an a recruiter who specialized in product designers and who immediately began introducing us to high quality candidates. Great experience. 10/10 would recommend.”

Daniel from Readwise

"Paul has been extraordinary. All great candidates coming through, and we have a final interview today for our marketing role 🎉"

Corey from Vectrix

When you’re hiring humans, recruiting should be more human too.
Recruiting made
efficient and effective.
By empowering recruiters to do what they do best and removing any obstacles in their way, we see better candidates and happier companies.


Recruiters in our network

45 days

Average time to fill a role


Avg. hiring manager pass rate
(candidate presented and accepted)

Our recruiters know how to find the right fit.

Fill specific types of roles

From go-to-market roles to technical roles, our specialized recruiting model can meet your needs.

Cover all your bases

Hire everyone from ICs (individual contributors) to managers, C-level, Directors, VPs, and more.

Recruiting made simple.

Create a role

Describe the specifics of what you’re looking for.

Meet your match

Connect with a recruiter highly-qualified to help.

Get to work

Work directly with your recruiter to fill the role.

Looking to hire at scale?

Schedule a chat to learn more about our Dedicated Recruiter model.

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