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2023 Product Design Conferences to Attend as a Recruiter

Staying in the know and creating meaningful industry connections are vital parts of the recruiting world. There’s no better place to do both than at a conference, where leaders, innovators, and promising new talent all gather to discuss the latest trends and ideas. For those specializing in product design recruitment, 2023 is set to be an exciting year. With a calendar full of high-profile product design and UX conferences, there’s plenty of opportunities to network with the best of the best. This blog post will shine a spotlight on the must-attend conferences of the year, ensuring you’ll know exactly where to be to connect with top-tier talent.


UX Australia 2023

When: August 22–25

Where: Virtual and Sydney, Australia

Price: $350 – $995

Conference pitch: This four-day event is Australia’s biggest conference about UX, product, and service design, and related disciplines like research, content, operations, and management. Now in its fifteenth year, this hybrid event includes presentations, activities, and workshops, with local and international speakers.

UX Nordic

When: August 24–25

Where: Virtual and Aarhus, Denmark

Price: $275 – $850

Conference pitch: Held in-person and virtually, UX Nordic brings together case studies, talks, workshops, and networking events. This year’s event will cover topics on UX research, the future of UX, enterprise UX, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and retail, and UX in the financial sector.


The UX & Product Design Summit

When: 6-7 September

Where: Virtual

Price: $299

Conference pitch: Immerse in inspiring talks, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities at this design summit.

UX Strat

When: 11-13 September

Where: Boulder, CO

Price: $595 – $1,195

Conference pitch: UX STRAT brings together experienced design and product professionals from around the world to share methodologies, innovations, and tools focused on strategic design and innovation. This is the perfect setting to learn new skills, get inspired by the best of the best, and meet your experienced peers in a beautiful location.

UX Conf

When: 13 September

Where: London

Price: £249

Conference pitch: Tired of classic philosophical talks? UX Conf wants to shake things up and have «how-to» demos of different UX and UI design tools instead — what not to like! Plus, interactive sessions to keep your creative juices flowing.

UXCon Vienna

When: 13-14 September

Where: Virtual and Vienna, Austria

Price: €190 – €890

Conference pitch: This hybrid event is Vienna’s first international conference for UX research and UX design. It aims to build a connection between the UX scene in Europe and the USA.

Disco Conf

When: 19 September

Where: Virtual

Price: Free

Conference pitch: Discovery is a mindset. It transforms questions into decisions, data into stories, and insights into direction. Join us at Disco Conf 2023, a virtual conference, to explore the creative power of discovery.

Design Matters 2023

When: September 27–28

Where: Copehagen, Denmark

Price: €335 – €1005

Conference pitch: Held in-person in Copenhagen, Design Matters is a conference on digital design. It brings together the digital design community to explore and inspire each other to innovate in the digital design space.

UX India 2023

When: September 28–30

Where: Bhartiya City, Bengaluru, India

Price: ₹25,850

Conference pitch: UX India is the biggest UX design conference in India. This year, the event focuses on AI in design, and explores the new possibilities AI brings. Attendees can look forward to a broad program featuring workshops, panels, keynotes, talks, and networking.


Hatch Conference

When: October 5–6

Where: Berlin, Germany

Price: €50 – €375

Conference pitch: Hatch is an invitation-only event for seniors, leaders, and managers in UX, user research, and product design. If you’re looking to connect with other professionals at this stage in their careers, apply for an invitation via the website.

Intersection Conference

When: October 9-10

Where: Turin, Italy

Price: €160 – €390

Conference pitch: Intersection Conference 2022 is a design and development conference that will be held in Turin, Italy between. Speakers will share processes and methodologies on creating highly-usable digital products.


When: October 16-19

Where: Virtual

Price: $995 – $1,395

Conference pitch: If you work in content design or UX writing, Button is where you (and your team!) want to be.

World Usability Congress

When: October 10–12

Where: Graz, Austria

Price: €480 – €1,190

Conference pitch: The World Usability Congress is a two-day conference for UX experts. There will be over 40 speakers from different industries sharing their real-world UX challenges, and a chance to collaborate in workshops.


When: October 11–13, 2023

Where: Virtual and Dublin, Ireland

Price: €299 – €3,149

Conference pitch: Like UXDX USA, you can learn the latest product, UX, design, and developer practices at UXDX EMEA. Discover techniques that leading companies are using to empower their product teams to succeed.


UX Brighton 2023

When: November 3

Where: Brighton, UK

Price: £65 – £215

Conference pitch: UX Brighton will take place in the Brighton Dome Concert Hall and look at the relationship between UX and innovation.

Wey Wey Web

When: November 23–24

Where: Málaga, Spain

Price: €125 – €1,500

Conference pitch: A two-day in-person event exploring the latest trends in web technologies, with 20 international speakers and 4 keynotes. The event will cover topics like programming, JS frameworks, web design UX/UI, product design, mobile development, software architectures and best practices, and web accessibility.

Prepare yourself, as 2023 promises to be a game-changing year for HR and recruiting specialists seeking talented designers. By attending these conferences, not only will you get clued up on the freshest trends and strategies in the business, but you’ll also mingle with a pool of potential hires. So why wait? Get a jumpstart on your hiring process – register for one of these conferences today!

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