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Best Recruiting Tools for 2022

Is your New Year’s resolution for 2022 to be the best recruiter you can be? If so, you are thinking about a lot of things. You are considering how best to find top candidates, how to improve attracting great candidates, how to better engage with that great candidate, and how to perfectly select the ideal candidate for the company culture and success.

So, like anybody getting ready to tackle a new venture, you need to evaluate the products you have to work with. Are your recruitment tools and software up to the challenge? If what you have is lacking or not up for the job, it is time to consider an upgrade.

For recruiters, it is important to look at every process involved with filling an open role. Being that a recruiter requires to search for, attract, engage and select top talent, they need to review their recruiting tools that will best service their unique needs

Talent Sourcing Tools

Sourcing tools have been created to make searching for and finding candidates fast, easy and reliable. Considering how important it is to seek out potential new hires before positions become open, it is vital to have a talent sourcing tool at your disposal.

Making it simpler to search by applying filters, recruiters can seek out a variety of top talent, depending on experience, education, skills and industry they work in. These tools give recruiters the ability to safely keep all of their collected information in one place. These tools also enable recruiters to stay in touch with candidates,keeping their interest “warm”. 

  • Betterleap helps recruiters keep their talent pipeline filled with highly-qualified candidates. You can use Betterleap’s global network of industry-specific, independent recruiters to keep candidates flowing into your talent pool.
  • SeekOut gives recruiters one click access to millions of diverse candidates(over 500M profiles), all found using its sophisticated AI that sifts through 37 social networks/websites. This helps recruiters discover hard-to-find talent in both tech and non-tech industries. They also provide reliable contact information and automated messaging campaigns to help recruiters achieve higher response rates.
  • Vettery is a hiring marketplace. Their AI matches qualified candidates with companies by connecting them with hiring managers. This machine learning module tracks real-time data, predicts hiring behavior and monitors trends. This saves recruiters time and money by finding and placing the right candidate for the job quickly and accurately.
  • Gem is a recruiting platform that helps recruiters source, engage with and nurture top talent. Recruiters can build a list of people they wish to reach, find their emails and create automated follow-ups for those who haven’t responded. It also helps make teams more efficient, offering the ability to collaborate on candidates in their team’s pipeline. 
  • Phantombuster can find all the relevant information to a recruiter using platforms including Twitter, Google, Instagram, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Keeping track of incoming applications, filing CVs and sharing resumes with hiring managers can now all be done from one system, helping recruiters complete many of these administrative tasks quickly, so they can focus on more productive tasks. 

Applicant tracking systems also assist in CV screening. Reading every application that comes in the door is a daunting task so these systems can be set up to prescreen resumes and disqualify any candidate that does not meet the requirements. These systems also improve your chances of a quality hire, eliminating human fatigue or unconscious bias that could potentially reject candidates who otherwise would have been a great fit for the role.

Believe it or not, these systems also assist an employer’s brand. Giving a candidate a positive experience, from a smooth application process to regular communication, will only benefit a company’s reputation. 

  • Icims is a talent cloud system, assisting recruiters with every stage of the talent acquisition lifecycle, including crafting effective career pages and developing candidate relationships that engage applicants. 
  • Lever helps build an employer’s reputation with easy application processes for candidates that allow recruiters to minimize the time and energy spent tracking candidates. By syncing recruiter emails with hiring managers,responses can be faster and easier. They also created systems to streamline interview scheduling and reminders. 
  • Greenhouse works for every business size and hiring need. They offer software created to make recruiters’ jobs easy and bias-free. With an emphasis on giving the candidate a positive experience, Greenhouse also offers reporting so the recruiter can track their efforts and success rate.
  • SmartRecruiters offers tools that assist with applicant sourcing and tracking. With user friendly systems, the recruiter can post openings, review applicants, and remove applicants with just a few clicks. They also provide a means for team visibility on each stage of the hiring process.

Best Recruitment CRM Tools

CRM tools or Candidate Relationship Management tools help recruiters effectively engage with candidates by providing organized and automated communication processes.

Since positive relationships with potential candidates are so important, CRM tools just make sense. By improving communication with candidates, your chances of a current or future candidate saying yes to a job offer increases dramatically.

CRM’s can create and segmentate a talent pool. They can send personalized emails or text messages to candidates. They can assist with results driven email campaigns or automate steps in your hiring process. They can also provide important information gathering tools such as surveys and analytics so recruiters and their teams can evaluate their performance.

  • Yello offers automated interview scheduling so candidates can select interview times and avoid the back and forth with a HR team member. Yello also provides virtual interviewing that allows companies to reach across borders. This software allows recruiters to meet candidates sooner and with less burden which, in turn, makes the selection and hiring process quicker.
  • Beamery can monitor a company’s key initiatives such as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, all while improving hire time, productivity and candidate experiences.
  • Avature covers many HR functions including assistance with the hiring process. They help make candidate sourcing, recruitment marketing and candidate engagement smoother. They do all of this by making it easier for companies to manage their candidates, host video interviews and track potential hires through the process.

Top Job Aggregators

Imagine being a job seeker, having to go from job board to job board looking for the right role. It is quite time consuming, and job seeking is a very time-consuming activity already. 

Similar to how Google helps a person search for a particular subject, a job aggregator helps the job seeker find work. Because job aggregators gather job descriptions from every employment board and job ad to present it in an easy-to-read form with the option to filter your search, they save job seekers time, making it simple to navigate online listings. 

Job aggregators can also present an overview of the job market for those who might be interested in what’s going on out there. Knowing this as a recruiter, you can adjust your recruitment marketing to benefit you and your candidate search.

  • Indeed, one of the largest and well-known job aggregators reaching over 200 million job seekers monthly from a wide range of countries, offers recruiters a diverse talent pool to search from. Indeed is also affordable, offering companies free job listings and a platform to highlight company culture. Indeed is also mobile friendly which, with so many job seekers turning to their phones for their search, makes it easier to reach savvy candidates.
  • LinkedIn, with over 800 million professional users in more than 200 countries, is an ideal solution. With an abundance of candidate profiles that will not only list past experiences, but also highlight skills and recommendations, a recruiter can make a more educated decision on if the candidate is a good fit. LinkedIn also gives recruiters the ability to message passive and active candidates through the platform.
  • ZipRecruiter, also popular and well known in the world of job seekers, offers recruiters a fast and affordable means to post a job on one board vs. several job boards. ZipRecruiter also saves recruiters time by only presenting the most qualified candidates rather than having to look over unqualified resumes..
  • Job Search on Google keeps the job seekers experience in mind, creating an aggregator that uses AI to refine  searches by implementing user data and search criteria. This eliminates duplicate postings and only presents the best fits for each candidate. A recruiter fully utilizing SEO strategies can find great success here.

Key Takeaway

To be the best recruiter, you should look into your toolbox and see what you have that will help you source, attract, engage and place new hires. Having the best systems and software will help give you  the ability to effectively create a positive candidate experience and place the best candidate for the job.