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The Rise of Talent Collective

In the rapidly evolving domain of talent acquisition, the difference between good and great often boils down to one essential element: community. For women navigating the complex realm of recruiting, finding a space that offers mentorship, understanding, and growth is invaluable.

I recently sat down with Natalie Stones, one of the co-founders of Talent Collective, a rising community for women in talent acquisition, to uncover the story behind this vibrant group. Crafted by and for women, their mission is to empower, advance, and connect women in the field of recruiting by enhancing their networks and propelling their careers. Dive in to see what it’s all about!


Anna: Natalie, give me the scoop. What’s the story behind Talent Collective?

Natalie: It’s been quite a ride. My journey was deeply personal. The Bay Area, as vibrant as it is, felt like it lacked a dedicated community for recruiters. And trust me, it wasn’t from a lack of trying! I turned to casual coffee chats, friendly lunches – just trying to find that connection. That’s when it hit me. If I was feeling this gap, others probably were too. So, joining forces with Krista and Tammy, we transformed this idea into the Talent Collective, and in a surprising twist, it took off in just two months.

Anna: That’s impressive! And now, there’s talk of expansion?

Natalie: Oh, absolutely. While we started with a modest beta launch here in the Bay Area, the response was…overwhelming. Before we knew it, we had eyes on Southern California, and now even Seattle and APAC. The larger female recruiting ecosystem’s thirst for connection and growth is shockingly clear and more than we anticipated.

Anna: Were there any bumps on the road in starting this community?

Natalie: Where do I begin? Launching a community is hard. Limited funds meant limited promotions. Building a foundational community was a challenge. Not to mention, the recruitment landscape has its ups and downs, which can influence decisions. But you know what? Despite those hurdles, things are definitely looking up now, and the community’s growth and passion are testament to that.

Anna: And who typically flocks to Talent Collective?

Natalie: We have quite the mix. From global talent acquisition leaders, Heads of Talent, Corporate and Agency Recruiters, to Recruiting Firm Founders, and Recruiting Operations experts.

Anna: And I’ve heard whispers of exclusive resources for members?

Natalie: Yes, there’s a lot available to our members! From monthly networking events, fireside speaker events, peer groups, curated workshops, a job board and toolbox of resources. We strive to curate resources that resonate with each member, regardless of where they are in their career journey.

Anna: Any standout moments or stories since Talent Collective’s inception?

Natalie: Well, we’re still charting our course, but for starters the feedback is what fuels us. Junior members often express how our networking events have opened doors for them, whereas our tenured members find interest in our peer groups, and giving back their expertise to the community. Ultimately, I dream of Talent Collective being the beacon that helps each of our members find their future opportunities through the connections they’ve made amongst the community.

Anna: It seems like a lot is changing in recruiting, especially with the growing emphasis on personal brand. What are your thoughts on this?

Natalie: You’re right, personal branding isn’t just a buzzword anymore; it’s an integral part of a recruiter’s toolkit. In the digital age, just being good at what we do isn’t enough. We need to amplify our presence, share our expertise, and engage in meaningful dialogue on platforms like LinkedIn. I’ve personally experienced this shift. When I began Talent Refinery, it was crystal clear that having a prominent and authentic online presence built credibility, peeked Recruiter and Founders interest, and eventually opened doors. And here’s the good news: at Talent Collective, we’re not just recognizing this trend – we’re actively equipping our members with tools, training, and platforms to elevate their personal brand, helping them not only be seen but also respected and sought after. It’s transformative, and in today’s recruiting landscape, it’s an absolute game-changer.

Anna: For those inspired by Talent Collective’s mission, how can they extend their support?

Natalie: Our doors are always open for collaborative partnerships, event sponsorships, and shared thought leadership. Our male allies too have a pivotal role to play. Their advocacy can genuinely reshape the landscape of our industry.


For those interested to tap into this thriving community, be sure to check out the Talent Collective and make those pivotal connections.

Why Join the Talent Collective community?

Stepping into the Talent Collective means more than just joining a group; it’s about becoming part of a vibrant community tailored for recruiters. Here, you’ll access unmatched networking opportunities, dive into rich resources, and grow alongside peers and industry leaders. Whether you’re taking your first steps in recruitment or are an industry expert, the Talent Collective offers a space to connect, innovate, and shine.

  1. Unmatched Networking: Join a vibrant community that rallies behind each of its members, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.
  2. Rich Resources: Access tools, workshops, and resources curated exclusively for members.
  3. Growth Opportunities: Participate in mentorship programs and workshops to elevate your skills.
  4. Industry Insights: Stay ahead with the latest trends and best practices in recruitment.
  5. Brand Building: Get tools and training to enhance and amplify your personal brand in the industry.