Why We Built a Space for the Independent Recruiter Community

At Betterleap, we know that going independent means facing challenge after challenge. If you don’t have a community behind you, it can even become discouraging. Enter: the Independent Recruiter Life community.

Navigating the recruiting industry is tough. Many companies don’t know where to find talented recruiters, and many recruiters don’t know where to source new clients. We started Betterleap in 2020 because we wanted to help companies connect with independent recruiters more efficiently. 

Time and time again, we hear recruiters voicing a lack of community in the space so, in an effort to help them, we created the Independent Recruiter Life (IRL) community – a free-to-join Slack workspace for recruiters to engage and learn from each other! 

The Independent Recruiter Life Community

As you probably already know, independent recruiting is an excellent yet challenging career path. As an independent recruiter, you have to keep up-to-date with the best tools to maximize your time and efforts. You don’t have an admin team, so you are personally responsible for your payment logistics and marketing efforts to attract and inform potential clients or candidates of everything you have to offer. Additionally, you need to maintain your existing networks and handle client contracts, all of which can be time-consuming and tedious processes. Your attention is pulled in so many directions at once that you may end up with less time to do what you love: recruiting great candidates and growing successful teams.

You may often find yourself in a race against other recruiters to fill the same position. Maybe you’ve sunk a significant amount of time into finding the perfect candidate for a role only to learn that it had already been filled. Or, maybe your client hired your candidate after they ended their contract with you, leaving you without payment for your time and services.

On top of all of that, being an independent recruiter can be lonely. It can feel like you’re pitted against other recruiters without anyone to turn to for advice or tricks of the trade. Well, we hear you and we’re here to give you the good news: you don’t have to face these challenges alone because the IRL community has entered the chat.

We built IRL to connect a community of accomplished independent recruiters. It’s a space to network with each other, learn from one another’s experiences, and share tips and tricks for success. You can receive honest feedback, share your worries, hear success stories, refine your recruiting strategies, and more. Once you sign up, feel free to invite other recruiters to the community as well.

IRL was designed to help you better navigate complex recruiter-candidate relationships. Beyond understanding what salary your candidates want, you need to know what their ideal package is. Speaking with your peers who already have existing relationships and experience can increase your likelihood of placing candidates. You may even learn additional important information about your clients from other recruiters in IRL, which can help you better navigate the relationship.

The industry is constantly changing. Whenever the market shifts, technology advances, new generations enter the workforce, or a pandemic hits, you need to quickly adjust your strategies to meet clients and candidates where they’re at. Being able to turn to a community of recruiters like IRL for advice or to discuss recruiting trends can be invaluable.

Powered by Betterleap, IRL enables independent recruiters to help each other. It’s a place to network, empower, and share advice for overcoming challenges to reach success. Join the Independent Recruiter Life community today to start connecting with other like-minded recruiters!

Betterleap is here to  help you grow your client base, whether you have a sizable one already or are starting completely from scratch. With Betterleap, you won’t have to compete against other recruiters, and our guaranteed payment policy takes away the worry that clients may hire the candidates you’ve found after your contract ends. Get started today.