Automate Your Job Search

We believe technology can sometimes handle things better than people. Our platform executes strategies to automatically look for opportunities that accelerate your career growth.

Looking for a job and feeling overwhelmed?

Job hunting can feel frustrating and time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be that way. Betterleap is the smartest way to discover the opportunities that will open the door to your dream.

BetterLeap makes every part of job search easier

Sign up and start exploring. Every job you save helps us give you better recommendations. Want to access featured opportunities? Interview once with Betterleap.


Search popular job boards simultaneously


Track all jobs and applications in one place


Get skillset-based job recommendations


Search multiple job boards
at once

Don’t waste time performing the same searches on a dozen job boards. Use Betterleap’s advanced search filters to find opportunities listed on multiple job boards at one time. 

Narrow your search to the parameters most important to you. Search on the basics like location or job title. Or, search on the little details that make a big difference: specific skill or expected experience level.


Track all applications
in one place

Betterleap’s job tracker empowers candidates to track the best-fit job opportunities in a single, smart place. Search and pin jobs to your board. Every pinned job is enriched with data you’ll need to make an informed decision. Prioritize, organize, and stay on top of your search. 

Our job tracker allows you to visualize your job search in a way that will help you discover more about your career trajectory, filter out less promising prospects sooner, and zoom right in on the right opportunities.


Get personalized job recommendations

Whether you are optimizing for growth or compensation, Betterleap matches you with job opportunities that may not have crossed your radar. We consider your skillset, expertise, career goals, industry experience, personal interest, and what you need to get from your next position. 

Every recommended opportunity Betterleap finds will come complete with all the information you need to decide whether to move forward: company data, funding and founding history, growth metrics, and more. 


Grow your team with Betterleap

Learn more about how Betterleap can connect you to the prospects who will fit with your vision, enhance your culture, and help drive you toward your biggest goals.
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