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Betterleap streamlines the path to hiring great tech talent. We’re looking for people who share our passion for building and learning. People who get up for work because they love what they do: creating, taking risks and challenging the status quo. Help us solve the #1 problem at every company, hiring great talent.

Our manifesto.

In the story of humankind’s most astonishing achievements, success has always depended on having the right people in the room.

Whether sending astronauts to the moon, designing a smartphone, or inventing medical breakthroughs, the magic only happens when the stars align to bring complimentary talents together at the right time and place.  

At Betterleap, we’re in the aligning stars business.  

We connect the world’s best companies with the world’s best recruiters to hire the world’s best tech talent, with a modern, efficient platform that streamlines the entire recruitment process and produces the best possible outcomes. We’re here to help you up level your recruiting game with less effort.

So you can get all the right people your company needs to produce its own astonishing achievements.


Who we are.

We're builders 🔨

We dream big and build quickly. We obsess (for better or for worse 😅) over the puzzle that is the recruiting industry: how do we re-build an old, human-centric industry, ripe for change?

We’re open minded 💡

In order to support our people: recruiters, businesses, candidates, and employees, we leave our egos at the door. We never assume that we have all of the answers and we’re open to all ideas.

We ❤️ to learn

We never stop learning and embrace change. Everything we build is a theory and, if that theory is wrong, we still call it a #success – ship often, fail quickly.

Our values.

Win-win-win 🏆

Design a world where companies, recruiters and talent all win.

Magical experience 🪄

Provide the best experience possible for our customers.

Shoot for the stars 💫

Think big and set the bar high. Bold direction inspires results.

How we work together.

We’re self-starters that get excited when solving hard problems.

Tony Tan

Technical Recruiter

If I were to consider going independent, I’d be much more confident knowing that Betterleap has my back. We’re building THE platform where quality recruiters can easily match with high-growth companies, it just makes sense. What is the most exciting part of building a product that empowers folks in my line of work? Knowing that this is only the beginning.

Andy Toizer

Andy Toizer

Product Operations

My favorite part about our team is that everyone has the opportunity to step up and take on responsibility if they want to. New ideas aren’t shot down, they’re encouraged. Concerns aren’t swept under the rug, they’re discussed. It’s relieving to work with a group of people who are equally obsessed with solving hard problems and excited to get up for work every morning.


Medical, dental, vision insurance

100% covered for employees and 50% for dependents

Unlimited PTO

Paid holidays

Apple equipment

Flexible work-from-home

Beautiful office in San Francisco

Regular team offsites

We get together for in-person offsites every few months

Free lunches

$15 daily allowance for in-office lunches via Forkable

401k plan

Open Roles.

Fullstack engineer

San Fransico or Remote

Product manager

San Fransico or Remote

Product designer

San Fransico or Remote


San Fransico or Remote

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