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Real estate tech is big business. Innovative proptech companies around the country are making their mark, improving the real estate and mortgage sector through everything from streamlined processes and green business models to automation and tech-focused brokerages. We’ve researched the best real estate tech companies to work for in 2020 and beyond. Check out these ten great companies!

1. RedDoor

Launched in 2018 by Ali Mackani and Heather Harmon, RedDoor focuses on connecting people with the best home financing options. Homebuyers can get instantly pre-approved and customize loan terms, as well as access low rates. RedDoor has a team of dedicated loan officers answering home buyers questions about anything and everything related to buying and refinancing a home via a mobile app.

2. ZeroDown

A proptech startup that launched in 2019, ZeroDown helps people find an easier path to owning a home. CEO Abhijeet Dwivedi put his first focus on tough real estate markets with high-cost housing, highlighting the alternatives to renting. ZeroDown works with families to buy their dream home and provide monthly payment options toward homeownership—with no down payment required.

3. Opendoor

CEO Eric Wu founded Opendoor in 2014 to help sellers get on with their lives. Instead of lengthy discussions and the hassles of traditional selling, homeowners receive a competitive offer based on data and professional evaluators, and a quick close. Opendoor streamlines selling to eliminate the need for listing, showings, and buyer financial fall-through.

4. Ribbon

A real estate startup from CEO Shaival Shah, Ribbon launched in 2017 to help homebuyers gain ownership of their new home. Ribbon works with buyers to let them secure financing. It also works with agents and lenders to guarantee a quick close. This is another example of real estate tech companies on a mission for transparency, fair pricing, and fair access.

5. Sonder

First launched in 2012 in Montreal, Canada, Sonder has become a hotel disruptor offering hotel-quality rentals around the world. CEO Francis Davidson leases direct with real estate companies, with rentals ranging from hotel-style spaces to full apartments. Convenience factors include self check-in and 24/7 support. Sonder rentals are carefully curated for trendy neighborhoods and amenities designed for good living.

6. Unison

Founded in 2004 by CEO Thomas Sponholtz, Unison provides a unique co-investment for homeowners and homebuyers. Unison operates on smart financing to help owners and buyers get access to funds. For buyers, Unison fronts some of the down payment in return for a share of profits when the home sells. For owners, Unison provides a percentage of the home’s equity in exchange for a share of the value when it sells.

7. Point

CEO Eddie Lim founded Point in 2014 to solve homeowner financing frustrations. Point, like Unison for homeowners, helps owners get access to their home’s equity in exchange for a percentage of value upon selling. Point uses streamlined tech to give owners instant results for whether they qualify. Owners get results for debt alternatives.

8. Better

CEO Vishal Garg founded Better in 2016, aiming to streamline mortgage application and approval. As a direct-to-consumer direct lender, Better focuses on transparency to help more families become homeowners. Better revolutionizes home buying and refinancing, using tech to work from the ground up.

9. Feather

CEO Jay Reno first launched Feather in New York City in 2017. Feather is an innovative furniture rental subscription service fighting back against fast furniture trends and landfill waste. Feather markets itself toward millennial renters, while appealing to real estate professionals, homeowners renting their homes, and other new markets. Members swap out products, change up their space, and keep more furniture out the landfill.

10. Bungalow

In 2017, CEO Andrew Collins launched Bungalow as a solution to co-living problems. Bungalow works with landlords to rent out private rooms in both urban and suburban homes, connecting roommates for successful co-living environments. The company handles common room furnishing, and it collects rent and monthly utility fees from each roommate. Bungalow is revolutionizing the market for single-family home rentals and proving itself as one of the many cool companies to work for.

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