Startup Values and Interviewing for Culture Fit

San Francisco

Building a strong team is the single most important thing every founder needs to get right yet most founders struggle with screening and interviewing candidates. Interviewing for culture fit is one of the pieces of the puzzle. Whether your company has values outlined or not, you can start assessing candidates for culture fit in a more structured and organized way. Here are some tips for how to get started:

  1. Draw inspiration from other companies (see the list we put together)
  2. List behaviors that your team would value in a new candidate and benefit from
  3. Come up with the list of interview questions to test these behaviors
  4. Outline potential red flags, or what a “good” and a “bad” answer would sound like
  5. Be consistent and proactive about asking every new candidate the same questions

Building a great culture and creating a place people love being a part of is a process, and hiring the right candidates is a big part of it. We’re proud to have helped multiple startups in different stages of growth to find the right candidates so if you need help growing your team, check out Betterleap.

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