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Tempo has been operating under the radar in the last couple of years, and for a good reason. Since starting with the idea of an asynchronous personal trainer back in 2015, they developed something that’s truly a dream for people passionate about fitness. And it wouldn’t be possible without the perseverance of the founding team. They kept the company running with the seed funding for over four years to get the product right.

Tempo just raised an impressive $60M round. Now the company has 15 employees based in San Francisco where it continues to scale its size and ambition. One of the things that helped make this product a reality is an amazing team, according to Tempo’s CEO and founder Moawia Eldeeb.

We took a sneak peek into Tempo’s recruiting process. Here’s the rundown of one of the most exciting and sweat-generating interviews you might experience as an engineer 😉

Interview: What to Expect


Before an engineering candidate joins the Tempo team, they will go through 3 interview stages.

  1. ☎️   Phone call with the hiring manager

    This stage is part of the technical interview. You can expect to get questions related to your expertise as an engineer.

  2. 📃   Remote coding session

    This interview stage takes about 1h 15min, and you will be asked to collaborate with a team member in real-time. The purpose of this stage is to see how you would address a real technical problem.

  3. 👾  Video interviews with the team
    This is the fun part where you get to meet the team. Prior to COVID, Tempo asked candidates to bring workout clothes to the final interview stage where you could test the product onsite and work out in real-time. Currently, all interviews are conducted via video calls, and you can expect between 2-3 video chats with the team members during this stage.

Tempo cares a lot about employees being connected to the product and the fitness industry in general. So you not only get to test the equipment during the interviewing process but also enjoy various health-related perks as an employee. Among them, access to a personal trainer, healthy snacks and catered lunches at the office. The team also has a fun tradition to work out together on Fridays.

Why you Should Join


Tempo’s all-star team includes alumni from Google, YouTube, Netflix, Airbnb, Pixar, and Barry’s. There is something really special every team member brings to the table. Being a part of a team like that comes with many benefits including learning from the best and using best practices of how to get work done and have fun at it. Plus, being a part of a small team means you get to learn about early-stage startups. Here’s Moawia’s take on what’s at the core of getting remote workouts right:

“Getting to the gym or class is often half the battle. By bringing the gym to you and structuring the classes to be as efficient as possible, Tempo not only makes improving your health more convenient, but it gives you back your most precious resource: time.”

Get Introduced to Tempo


Tempo just closed a remarkable round, and the team is growing fast. One of the roles Tempo is hiring for at the moment is a Front-end Engineer role that will focus on improving the flagship product and leading the engineering team. Here’s what David Aragon, Product Lead at Tempo is saying:

We’re a small team, so each person truly has a huge impact. It’s not uncommon for the Fitness team to come up with Product ideas; for the Product team to brainstorm on upcoming workouts; or the Engineering team to collaborate on user messaging. We all work together to make Tempo the best experience possible!

If you’re interested in getting a warm intro to the team, just reach out and say hi.

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Co-founder , Betterleap

While Anna cut her corporate teeth on the product team at Airbnb, it was her early-stage startup experience that really introduced her to the world of recruiting. While she was growing the team there, she realized how painful, arduous, and challenging recruiting really is. That is, until you find a stellar recruiting team. Today, she leverages her deep recruiting experience as Betterleap’s co-founder and visionary.

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