Introducing ATS Integrations: Lever, Greenhouse, and Ashby

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We’re excited to announce that Betterleap now includes ATS integrations for recruiting teams to be more efficient and collaborative. 

We get it – as a talent acquisition specialist at a high-growth startup, you have a lot of open roles that you’d love help filling. But manually posting every role and keeping every recruiter updated about their submitted candidates can feel like a lot of work. With our new integrations, you can easily:

  • Import your active roles directly to Betterleap
  • Automatically update recruiters about their candidates’ progress through your hiring pipeline

Check out all of the cool details about our ATS integrations below 👇

Connect your ATS

You’ll now see a Connect your ATS button in the top corner of your dashboard. Just click the button, follow the instructions, and update your ATS permissions – simple as that 😎. 

How to connect your ATS →

Publish your active roles

Connect your ATS

Once you have connected your ATS, all of your roles will be imported into Betterleap. Now, all you have to do is click publish to match your role with a specialized recruiter ⚡️.

Get candidates directly in your ATS

Once the recruiter we match you with submits candidates through Betterleap, they’ll be automatically added to your ATS. You will also get an email notification with a detailed candidate writeup from your recruiter.

Faster candidate turnaround


Say goodbye to your constant back and forth with recruiters, updating them about their candidates. Now, your recruiter will know exactly when their submitted candidates move forward in the hiring process or have been rejected. This allows you and your recruiter to be in sync about the candidates and provide a better candidate experience throughout.

Connect your ATS now  

As always, we’re super excited to continue building new features that help you navigate the ever-changing recruiting world. Stay tuned for some exciting stuff coming soon!

Anna Melano Administrator
Co-founder , Betterleap

While Anna cut her corporate teeth on the product team at Airbnb, it was her early-stage startup experience that really introduced her to the world of recruiting. While she was growing the team there, she realized how painful, arduous, and challenging recruiting really is. That is, until you find a stellar recruiting team. Today, she leverages her deep recruiting experience as Betterleap’s co-founder and visionary.

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