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Source the most qualified candidates, streamline your recruitment process, and make better hiring decisions with our cutting-edge technology. Join the revolution and experience the future of recruiting today.

Recruiting. Outreach. Done.

Source candidates and run email sequences, all inside one powerful tool.

Highest email coverage

Source candidates on LinkedIn, and our tool will instantly find their emails. With access to 750M+ candidates email data, Betterleap offers the highest email coverage in the industry.

All emails
checked for accuracy

We’ll make sure your emails reach the right candidates. All emails are verified for accuracy to ensure that your emails land in the right candidates’ inboxes.

Always delivered
to the right inboxes

No more bounced emails or spam complaints. Using a number of data providers, our system is able to cross-check email addresses against multiple databases to determine their validity.

We integrate with
platforms you love

Connect the powerful tools you already use with Betterleap. We’ve partnered with the top ATSs like Lever, Greenhouse, Ashby, and Recruiterflow to ensure that your candidates’ data is always up-to-date.

Pairs perfectly with your favorite tools

Find and reach candidates you're looking for


Sign up and
create a profile



Connect your Applicant
Tracking System (ATS)



Source and send email
sequences to candidates

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"I was thrilled with my experience with Gloria and her team! They helped me throughout the process, not only finding excellent candidates but also giving me feedback on strategy and negotiation."

Rosy Wellness

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“Betterleap quickly matched us with a recruiter who specialized in product designers and who immediately began introducing us to high quality candidates. Great experience. 10/10 would recommend.”


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"Paul has been extraordinary. All great candidates coming through, and we have a final interview today for our marketing role"


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