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Betterleap helps recruiters  10x their productivity.   Source,  reach out to candidates and  collaborate  with recruiters outside of your company, all from  one platform. 

Connect with candidates


Our Chrome extension makes it easy to source potential candidates on LinkedIn. With one click, you can add candidates to projects on Betterleap, and Betterleap instantly finds email addresses so you don’t have to. We offer 75% email coverage and bounce verification before any email is sent.

Connect with candidates


Betterleap allows you to create multi-step email sequences to send personalized emails to potential candidates using GPT technology. Automate the outreach process and increase your conversion rates with our powerful outreach tools and AI assistant.



A collaborative



Share your projects with recruiters outside of your company – like recruiting agencies and talent partners at VC firms – and get full visibility into their workflows with Betterleap Connect.

Centralized communication

Collaborate on projects and candidates as one team. Internal and external recruiters now in one loop.

Streamline candidate calibration and centralize all of your conversations into one chat. Let multiple recruiters collaborate on candidates and speed up the feedback loops.

Case Studies

Learn how Recruiting from Scratch dramatically boosts their candidate sourcing efficiency for one-third of the usual cost — all thanks to Betterleap.

Learn how Prestige Development Group teamed up with Betterleap to automate candidate sourcing and dramatically boost productivity.

Seamlessly integrated with your tools

Betterleap works by securely connecting with your ATS data and turning your candidate database into sourcing insights.

  • Sync candidates with your ATS

  • Sync candidate notes

  • See if candidates are already in your ATS

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