18 Interview Email Thank You Templates

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Like so many elements of the job-hunting process, crafting the perfect follow up thank you email is easier said than done. 

It can be a challenge to strike the right tone. You want your interviewer to get the right impression, but trying too hard can be a real turnoff.

Don’t worry—we’ve got your back! These ready-made interview email thank you templates below will show your potential new boss that you’re friendly, thoughtful, and excited about joining the team.

18 “Thank You for the Interview” Email Templates

Customize one of these templates or use them as inspiration for your own creation. If you are having trouble landing on the right template, take some time to think through your interview. Jot down a few notes about what you talked about, and you’re sure to come across an ideal angle for your interview thank you note. 

Targeted to a specific interviewer(s)

Reaching out to a specific person or people from your interview shows the company that you are:

  • Detail-oriented: You remembered specific details about your interviewers.
  • Direct and confident: You’re not too intimidated to reach out directly to someone who could become your teammate. 
  • People-focused: You recognize that connecting on a personal level is valuable on multiple levels. 

Subject: Thanks for sharing your time with me today, ____!

Hi ____, Thank you for spending part of your day with me today about the ____ position. Interviews can be a LOT, but you and your whole team helped to put me at ease right away.  I came away feeling as though I have a good understanding of how the ____ department operates. I’m confident I could join the team and hit the ground running. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information that might help as you move ahead with your review process. I’d love to become a part of the _____ (company or department) team.  Thanks again,

Subject: ____, thanks so much for your warm welcome today.

Hi ____, To be honest, I wasn’t expecting today to be as enjoyable as it was. The interview process can feel pretty daunting, so it means a lot that you and your team were so welcoming.  Today was also an excellent chance for me to see how the ____ department works together to reach your goals.  If you think of any information I could send your way that might help you in the decision-making process, please let me know. I’d love to become a part of the ____ (company or department) family.  Thanks again!

Subject: Hi, ____! Enjoyed meeting with you today. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me today about the ____ position. It was honestly a fun day. I was able to get a real feel for how your team works together and came away excited about the contributions I could make at ____ (company).  I’m so glad we were able to cover so much ground during our conversation, but I’m happy to send along any other info if it would be helpful as you make your decision. Thanks again,

Focused on work environment/the team

When you follow up on your interview with an enthusiastic thank you note focused on the culture or atmosphere, it shows the interviewer that you are:

  • A team-player: You spent some time imagining what it would be like to work alongside this group of people. 
  • Someone who values other people: You understand that every work team is made up of people who each have something unique to offer.
  • A big-picture thinker: You’re looking beyond the small details of everyday work and considering the environment as a whole.

Subject: Meeting the Team Today

Hi ____, Thanks for bringing me in today to discuss the ____ position. I’m glad we’ve had a chance to learn more about one another.  Your team is very impressive! I loved watching you interact. Please let me know if I can provide anything else that might help as you work through your decision. I’d love to join the ____ (department) team! Thanks again,

Subject: Thanks for making me feel at home!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today! I really enjoyed hanging out with the team. Regardless of who you decide to hire, I wanted to mention how great it was to meet your team. It’s nice to meet other people who can’t help but geek out over all things tech.  If I can send over any additional information that might help you as you’re working toward a decision, just let me know.  Thanks so much.

Subject: ____ (department name): A team I’d love to join!

Hi ____, I’m not going to lie. I had so. much. fun. today discussing the ____ position with the ____ team. It was great to connect with people who clearly love what they do. I left the interview feeling excited about whatever my future will look like in this field.  I hope that future includes me as your next ____! Please let me know if I can send any additional information your way that might help you as you work through your decision.  Thank you so much for a fantastic experience today. I appreciate your time and consideration. Take care.

“One More Thing”

Have you ever remembered something you wish you’d mentioned at an interview, way too late? The interview follow up letter is the perfect remedy. 

Subject: Following Up on Today’s Interview

Hi again, Thanks for taking time out for our interview today. I enjoyed learning more about the ____ department and meeting the team.  I realized afterward that I didn’t have a chance to mention my experience with ______. There are several aspects of that experience that I think would help me get up to speed quickly as your next ____.  Please reach out if you think of additional information I could send your way as you make your decision.  Thanks again!

Subject: Post Interview Thought 

Hi ____, Don’t you hate when you finish up a meeting and realize too late that you had more to say? Email to the rescue, I suppose! If we’d had more time, I would have liked to dive into a more in-depth discussion about ____ (topic you talked about). I realized too late that this is closely related to an experience I had ____. I hope we’ll have a chance to finish this conversation soon! I greatly enjoyed meeting the ____ team today. Getting a firsthand look at how your department runs and meeting so many people who clearly love what they do was a fantastic experience.  If I can provide more information that would be helpful to you, please let me know. Thanks so much.

Subject: I thought of one more thing after we talked!

Hi ____, Thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule for my interview for the ____ position today. Meeting the team was a fantastic experience.  I did think of an additional topic we didn’t have time to cover today: _______. What you said about ______ makes me think you may find this interesting. I hope we’ll have another opportunity to catch up soon. I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Please let me know if you think of anything I could provide that might help you as you enter the decision-making process.  Thanks again.

Focused on a Specific Interview Topic

These templates are more narrowly focused. They are helpful if you want to highlight your interest in a specific part of the job or the company. Sending a sharply focused interview follow up email shows the interviewer that you are:

  • Serious about the job. You’re thoughtfully considering details about the position and the work the company does.
  • Ready to be an engaged member of the team. You’re spending time thinking about the kind of problems you would be solving in this position. 

Subject: ______ (specific program or feature mentioned during the interview)

Hi ____, Thanks for talking with me today about the ____ position. I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me and to share more about ____ (company name) and the ____ department.  I wanted to mention that I am very intrigued about the ____ program at ____ (company name). I haven’t heard of a similar program at other companies. It sounds beneficial for people beginning to construct their careers. I’d love to learn more, just in case we have the chance to talk again.  Thanks again!

Subject: Quick Question about the Program We Discussed Today

Thank you for spending time with me today discussing the ____ position. I learned so much more about ____ (company). Being able to meet your team was seriously cool.  I did think of a quick question after we’d wrapped up that I’m hoping you could answer. You mentioned that ____ (company) offers a ____ program that new employees often find helpful. I’m wondering if the program focuses on specifics or if it’s more of a personal enrichment experience. Either way, it sounds like a valuable experience. I’m just curious about the ____ (company) approach here.  If you could share a few thoughts or direct me to someone who could, I’d appreciate it! Please let me know if you think of anything else I can provide as you work through the decision process. I’d love to join the ____ (department) team.  Thanks again.

Subject: Following Up on Our Conversation About

Hi ____, Thanks for taking some time to meet with me today. I really enjoyed the interview experience and learning more about the ____ department.  When we talked, you mentioned your team has been developing ____ (a new process or product, for example). I was thinking about this later and wanted to suggest you look into ____ (SaaS app or helpful platform, for example). I’ve read that this approach can be useful as part of a similar process. Thanks again, and please reach out if you think of something additional I could provide that might help in your decision.  Take care.

Thank You Email Templates that Show That You're Excited about the Position 🙂

These templates go beyond expressing your enthusiasm for the job opening. They show it. These follow-ups can help your interviewer feel confident that you’re:

  • Excited. You seem motivated about the position and value the conversation you had during your interview. 
  • Personally connected. They are reminded that you may have gone to the same college or university, are from the same hometown, or share an interest in a unique hobby. You could fit right into the team!

Subject: More on that ____ We Discussed

Hi ____, I enjoyed meeting with you today. I feel like I know so much more about ____ (company) and the ____ department.  I was thinking about that ____ (study or coding technique, for example) we discussed, and wanted to add a quick additional thought. I mentioned when we talked that ____, which is true, but it’s also important to know that ____. I’d love to finish this conversation at some point soon! Thanks again for your time today. If I can provide any additional information that would be helpful, just let me know. Take care.

Subject: You were right — it was ____

Hi ____, Thanks for spending some time with me today during my interview for the ____ position. I loved meeting the team and learning more about ____ (company).  When we talked, we got on the subject of ____ (alma mater). It was great to meet a fellow alum! I remembered afterward that ____ (the name of a professor, for example) was the person who ____. I hope we can finish our talk soon.  Thanks again, and feel free to reach out if there is additional information I could provide that would be helpful.  Take care, and go ____ (college mascot or nickname)!

Subject: Thought you’d find this interesting after our talk

Hi ____, Thank you for making time for my interview today. I enjoyed meeting you and left feeling very impressed with your team. You are doing some amazing things there! I was thinking about our talk earlier, and it occurred to me that you may find this ____ (researcher or web resource, for example) interesting. I know I do! Here’s to hoping we’ll have a chance to discuss this more soon.  Thanks again. Please let me know if you think of anything else I could provide that would be helpful as you make your decision.  Take care.

Thank You Templates that Ask Follow Up Questions

These interview email follow up templates show that you are still thinking about the discussion you had with the interviewer. When you send something along these lines, they will see that you are:

  • Confident. You’re not afraid of appearing out of your element to find out information about something.
  • A serious candidate. You are looking ahead to the questions you might have if you were to be hired by the company.

Subject: Quick Question about ____ at ____

I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me today during my interview. I loved getting a chance to talk to people who are as geeky as I am about ____ (your area of focus).  I’m hoping you can give me a little more information about _____, or point me toward someone who can. The way you described your ____ process makes a lot of sense to me. I’d love to learn more about how this position fits into that particular process.  Thanks again, and please reach out if you think of anything I could provide that might make your decision process easier.  Take care.

Subject: Another Thought on your Team's ____ Process

Hi ____, Thank you for spending part of your day talking with me today. I was so excited that you reached out for an interview, and it’s great to know that my instinct was on point. ____ (company) would be a fantastic place to work. I was thinking more about the ____ process we discussed. Your team is handling that in a unique way—the way you handle the project management, especially, is very smart. It put me in mind of a similar method I’ve read about. If you get a chance, check out this article (hyperlink “this article” to a relevant article). I think you’ll find it interesting! Thanks again, and please reach out if there is additional information that could help you as you work through the decision making process.  Take care.

Subject: _____ resources?

Thanks for your time today! I enjoyed our conversation during my interview and appreciated getting the chance to see your team in action.  At one point, we were talking about ____ (certification or a specific skill, for example). I’d like to look into this more and was hoping you’d have an idea about where I should start. It seems like an excellent way to start growing that part of my knowledge base. Thanks again. If you think of anything I could provide that would be useful to you as you go through the decision-making process, please say the word.  Take care.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Make a Good Impression


Here’s the thing. No, you don’t have to send a follow-up email after your interview. It’s not a rule, and the company won’t likely think less of you. 

However, when you take the time to send a sincere thank you note, you stand out from the crowd just a bit more. You have a chance to improve on the impression you made in person. It also feels nice to express your gratitude for the opportunity to interview. 

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