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Introducing Betterleap’s New AI-Powered Search


In today’s world, where the race to find the right talent feels more urgent than ever, we’re thrilled to share something big from Betterleap. Say hello to our new Natural Language Search (NLS) capabilities! It’s not just an update; it’s a whole new way for recruiters to discover top talent. Imagine being able to tailor your search with precision and speed like never before.

Empowering Recruiters with Natural Language Search

At Betterleap, we get it—the search for the right candidate is filled with nuances, each role demanding not just any talent, but the perfect fit. Enter our Natural Language Search (NLS): a search engine that allows recruiters to express hiring needs in their own words, as never before. Imagine looking for a “experienced software engineer who worked at companies similar to OpenAI, located within a 30min drive from Google HQ”—our AI doesn’t just search; it understands, mirroring your requirements with precision.

Rewind to the days of boolean searches, where recruiters juggled keywords and operators, aiming to match potential candidates. This method, while useful, demanded a deep dive into specifics, often sidelining unexpected yet equally fitting profiles. It was a world where recruiters had to know exactly what they were looking for, leaving little room for the serendipity of discovering talent that didn’t fit the mold but was nonetheless ideal.

Today, we’re shifting the narrative. Betterleap’s NLS doesn’t just search; it explores, opening doors to candidates you might not have envisioned but who are spot-on matches for your needs. This isn’t just about having all the answers—it’s about uncovering the right questions to ask. We’re moving from a search that demands precision to a discovery that thrives on possibility, ensuring recruiters can find not just any candidate, but the right candidate.

Beyond Traditional Filters: A Personalized Approach

Betterleap’s Natural Language Search (NLS) is revolutionizing how recruiters find top talent by offering a smarter, more personalized approach to the hiring process. This leap forward is powered by our seamless integrations with leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) such as Lever, Greenhouse, Ashby, Bullhorn, and more. These partnerships allow for a level of customization in your candidate search that was previously unimaginable, turning the complex task of sourcing into an intuitive process.

Imagine the possibilities when searches such as “product executives who worked at Fortune 500 companies” are not just understood but anticipated, delivering a curated list of candidates that match your company’s specific needs and culture. It’s not just about accessing a wider pool of talent; it’s about connecting with the right talent in ways that resonate with your organizational goals and values.

As Betterleap’s NLS learns from your interactions, it continually refines its ability to connect you with ideal candidates, streamlining your path from search to hire. This process of continuous improvement ensures that our platform consistently offers you a recruiting experience that’s not only efficient but also deeply aligned with your strategic goals.

Natural Language Search Capabilities

We’re always refining our Natural Language Search (NLS) to help you find talent with precision. Right now, you can pinpoint candidates by detailed location criteria—think time zones, city tiers, or how close they are to the coast. Plus, our advanced competitor sourcing lets you discover talent from similar or related industries, eliminating the need to spend hours researching and sifting through databases like Crunchbase to identify competitor companies. NLS also understands abbreviations, ensuring you can use even the most concise terms to filter candidates effectively. And with the capability to start searches from a candidate’s LinkedIn profile link, you can easily expand your talent pool starting from an ideal profile. It’s all about making your search for the perfect candidate as efficient and targeted as possible.

NLS’s extensive features already make it a key tool for recruiters aiming to refine their search and recruiting strategies. However, we’re looking to take this further by integrating NLS across our product ecosystem, enhancing ATS integrations and sequencing capabilities. This expansion aims to offer recruiters advanced functionalities not available in standalone sourcing, messaging, or ATS tools.

Available Now to All Betterleap Customers

We’re excited to make this technology immediately available to all Betterleap customers, both existing and new. Our goal is to empower recruiters with the tools they need to source talent more effectively, ensuring that every hire is not just a good fit, but the best fit.

To experience natural language search and learn more about how Betterleap can benefit your organization, visit us at betterleap.com.